The world is on the brink of disaster. The environment, society and mankind itself are facing extreme challenges in a world that is both more connected, and yet more divided than ever before. Fear and confusion seep into all parts of everyday life… now, more than ever, the world needs one voice, one guide… One day the Earth is plunged into darkness and when light appears again so does a man – call him Joe – claiming to be the son of God. Can Joe bring the world’s most creative thinkers and leaders together to tackle the ills of mankind? Can he convince us all to follow him before it’s too late? In this compelling and prescient novel, Martin van Es and Andrew Crofts highlight the key concerns of our time and imagine a future where we, at last, all work together to ensure the future of our world and all the life that calls it home.
“The writing itself is top-notch … Crofts and Van Es make a dream team …”
Jasmine Rothon,
“…it is wonderful, for so many different reasons … it really lifted me up and gave me hope … it showed me how simply we can make all the changes needed … an incredibly engaging read … the authors obviously have a great deal of love for the world we live in and the people that inhabit it.”
Tales Before Bedtime
“I loved every word … I loved the concept …fascinating and so real … a unique read.”
The Book Lover’s Boudoir
” … a book that’s stayed in my mind … you can’t help but keep reading … a mix of satire yet serious themes. An intriguing, thrilling, almost prescient read … subjective, thoughtful, current and frightening – a book everyone should pick up … Bravo to the author for writing such a provocative read.”
AlexJ book reviews
” … a powerful story with a well executed plot and brilliant writing … a brilliantly thought-provoking read. It’s incredibly relevant to our time and a book you do not want to miss.”
The Bibliophile Chronicles
” … a great book to read these days …will move every reader and will change the way we see the world.”
“…this stirring novel … this immersive, magnetic story …This gentle, optimistic story of Christ’s Second Coming will resonate with readers looking for a message of hope and empowerment.”
Publishers’ Weekly
“I’ve never read something like Call Me Joe before, and I’m probably unlikely to do so again … jam-packed with tension … appealing to a younger age group.”
Joyful Antidotes
“The most special thing about Call Me Joe is credibility … The novel is written very realistically, when in fact it is an absurdist idea.”
 Lisa on Twitter
“Readers who enjoy apocalyptic stories that focus on more than just physical and psychological survival alone will delight in the social, political, and spiritual entanglements … an involving, compelling read right up to the conclusion and a call for radical re-envisioning of mankind’s choices and social and political structures for the sake of the planet’s survival.”
Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review
“… highly compelling … This unique spin …demonstrates the idea that we could come together to ensure a safe future …”
Soul and Spirit Magazine
 “The characters are definitely one of the highlights for me”
Melanie’s Reads
“A very different book … a way to start the conversation to ‘save’ the world …  utterly relevant today, I don’t just mean today as in the grand scheme of time, I literally mean TODAY … a really interesting book … has started a fair few questions in my head and has pushed me to look into what I can personally do … to try to help the earth and the people living on it … a really worthwhile book as long as you go in open minded … the writing style was immersive.”
Read to Ramble
“Absolutely devoured Call Me Joe … it feels distressingly timely”
 “A collection of humans who need to band together from the hate and the worry to put the future above gains … when we become less of the countries we inhabit and more become the protectors of the planet … read with an open mind with a view to challenge your thinking … a look at creating a world where we are more caring and kinder to each other to in the end save humanity.”
The Twist and Turn Book Blog
 “A very time appropriate novel – the bickering of world leaders, the greed and self interest of so many. The author wants readers to consider what they would do to save humanity … it’s a book to make you think about your own actions in the world we live in and whether if we all followed the same principles, that life would be universally much better, much kinder.”
Becks Books
“what I enjoyed the most  … the well crafted and extremely convincing response and interplay between the world’s leaders, especially the nuanced take on the Russian president and team – Very much worth a read.”
Mumbling About 
” … sensitively playing off tensions between the forces of a Tom Clancy-style worldwide stage and the much tighter community found in typical contemporary Christian fiction – effective combination of international thriller and religious novel.”
Kirkus Reviews
 ” … a perfect balance of science and religion.”
Shayney’s Book Corner
” …an apt book for the times! … So much of this struck true with me of the world we currently find ourselves living in … a brilliant job of showing up the role of ‘fake news’ … fascinating ….gives you a lot to think about.”
Books and Me! 
” … it had a profound effect on me … truly empowering …”
” … just brilliant … mind-blowing … left me emotional and speechless … one of the best books out this year …”
Surjit’s Books Blog

“I am left lost for words in awe of the authors’ creativity and imagination … This is a book that will stay with me… such a deep and incredibly thought provoking storyline, that made me challenge my own spiritual beliefs, curl up on the sofa and never want to return to normal existence again.
Lost in Her Bookland 
Image result for What Lies Around us Andrew Crofts
tinytranspbook What Lies Around Us?
By Andrew Crofts
Red Door Publishing.
Why would one of Silicon Valley’s most powerful billionaires offer a British ghostwriter a million dollars to write the autobiography of one of Hollywood ’s biggest stars?
Only once he is living and working amongst the world’s richest and most beautiful people does the ghost realise that there is way more than a publishing deal at stake. Everyone he meets seems to have a hidden agenda and someone is willing to kill to ensure that their plans work out. But what are those plans, who are the ultimate puppet-masters and how far are they willing to go?
What Lies Around Us takes us to a world where ghostwriters work with presidents, (James Patterson and Bill Clinton writing The President is Missing), and create presidents, (Tony Schwartz who ghostedThe Art of the Deal , setting President Trump on the road to becoming the most famous name in the world).
This is the world of myth-makers, story-tellers and media manipulators – the people who really run the world and the ones who shape the global conversations.

“I haven’t been able to get my head around everything this book made me feel and think … So many important themes plus a great storyline in just the right amount of pages to be read in one sitting. I’m not sure I will ever come across a book like this again.”

Joyful Antidotes blog.


“Unique, current and compelling … held my interest to the end. Dark and powerful … thought provoking … a fascinating read.”

Books of all Kinds


“What a clever, engrossing and unsettling read … it’s impossible to detach yourself from his words. The author makes himself, his characters and his readers complicit in a worldwide web of deceit and intrigue so that I finished the book feeling once again that I am incredibly ignorant and unthinkingly accepting of what does indeed lie around me.

“I loved the references to Andrew Crofts’ The Italian Gardener and to publishing in general so that not only is What Lies Around Us a cracking story, but it provides an insight into the research processes of a ghost writer and to the publishing industry as a whole. I felt quite sorry for even the largest publishing houses and have developed an even greater respect for what they have to do to be a success…

“What I also found fascinating was the recurrent image of food, meals and eating which suggests nourishment and sustenance and yet at these times some of the most wicked and disturbing control and confession takes place so that What Lies Around Us seems to shake the very lifeblood of humanity. Polite conversation is juxtaposed against startling action and revelation…

“So many disquieting themes remain with me that I think it will resonate for a very long time…

What Lies Around Us is a thought-provoking exploration of morality, social media, corruption and power so that it packs an intellectual punch at the same time as being an intriguing and entertaining story … I really recommend you read it for yourself. If you haven’t yet discovered Andrew Crofts’ elegant and sophisticated prose, you’re missing a stunning treat.

Linda’s Book Bag


“… this meticulously plotted and succinct examination of the state of affairs globally …It’s absolutely captivating as it pulls apart the very world we are now so ensconced into…. How far will a person go to get what they want, who will they kill to make these ambitions reality and how much of the Andrew in the book is the Andrew who wrote it?

“Who are ghosts and who is real in a world where social media has made is so possible to re-invent yourself, hide in plain sight and control your life’s narrative?

“Cleverly weaving politics, culture and the nature of truth in an era of ‘fake news’ this is a book that is an absolute joy to read…that seems like the wrong word to use but shouldn’t all the best books make you think? And have you looking outside what you believe to be the staus quo, research certain things that they discuss in its pages and get you looking a bit deeper into the every day?

“In ‘What Lies Around Us’, Andrew Crofts has created a thriller, a meditation on modern day public life, and throws light onto the world of ghostwriting and publishing. I found it endlessly fascinating how he managed to put so much into such a short book (214 pages) when other writers I feel sure would have stretched his key concepts out to at least double this length.

“What I know is this – it’s a book by an extremely clever writer with trenchant observations on the modern way of life and I desperately want to read his other novel, ‘The Secrets Of The Italian Gardener’. He lays himself bare in these pages , references his own work but without a modicum of false flattery they are laid out as facts. He is behind some of the biggest bestsellers in the Sunday Times, so where does Andrew Crofts the writer, and Andrew Crofts the ghostwriter differ, if at all?

“‘What Lies Around Us’ has piqued my interest tremendously and is absolutely the type of book which keeps you thinking for days and days after reading it.” 

Rachel Read It Blog


It’s absolutely captivating as it pulls apart the very world we are now so ensconced into …Control, manipulation, corruption, it shows how the world can be twisted and moulded into the favour of someone if enough money and influence is aimed at it… Fast paced, and thrilling, it’s gripping, superbly written and completely fascinating whilst shocking and very dark in parts.”

 Alex J. Books


“I could not put it down…There were so many mysteries going on and I just had no idea how it was going to end. When I turned the last few pages I was so surprised. The plot is brilliantly executed and definitely kept me guessing… I also really liked the writing style and found myself wanting to read more and more just to find out how it was going to end… It’s an engaging, thought provoking thriller.”

The Bibliophile Chronicles


“An intriguing and shocking tale.”



“Pacy, well written window on a world we rarely see. It is a tale of our age.”

Bookety Book Blog


I found this book utterly fascinating! …Thank goodness it lived up to its hype and more! …This is a fantastic look at the world of ghostwriting and the publishing industry as well as social media and fake people and lives! …A really good fast paced read, that I could not wait to get back into every time!”

The Twist and Turn Book Blog


“Are we still talking fiction here, perhaps a wee bit of fiction and a large portion of truth or small truths and lots of fiction?

“I tell you what it puts a whole other layer of complexity on the read, because Crofts has intentionally spun the story in a way that leaves the reader pondering, thinking and doubting. I wonder if this element of bouncing the reader between reality, facts, opinion and fiction was supposed to leave us wondering about everything, even after putting this book down.

“It’s a suspense thriller, with strong political, socio-economic and environmental issues, and a crime element to boot. Crofts lulls the reader into a false sense of ease with the first part of the read, and then takes them on a whirlwind of a ride for the second half.

“Side note – If the author ever needs to look into another career path then I think he would make an excellent mentalist. The low-level persuasion techniques work – buys The Secrets of an Italian Gardener.”

Cheryl M-M’s Book Blog


“The story has more layers than you can imagine … so intriguing and original …”

 Varietats Blog



Comments on Goodreads:

“Insights into the publishing industry and its bitter truths”

“A thrilling page turner that will keep you guessing. I can’t even tell you a thing about it without spoiling it. Nothing is what it seems and there’s a ton of money involved.”

“Humorous at first and dark and deep later on”


“A terrifically different book that never runs out of steam and keeps your interest from word one to word last!!!”

“Wonderfully easy to read and retain, the characters are all larger than life yet the story itself remains the focus.”

 “The ultimate summer thriller”

“So terrifying”

“The sense of wonder we all get from life”

“Aching to find out what happens next”

“Strong and intriguing”

“Fast pacing”

“Poignant narration”

“Easy read to breeze through”

“Very funny and witty”

“Such a pleasant surprise”

“About the future of democracy, honesty, the impact of race, the power of family, and fame”

“The writing was so good”

“A cleverly spun tale, What Lies Around Us caught me unexpectedly. It blends reality and fiction intriguingly and kept me reading. Really well crafted and imagined and I wanted more. I look forward to reading more of Andrew Crofts work having been so rewardingly introduced. He would be a welcome story teller at any camp fire!”

“The idea that politics, tech and celebrity are connected is represented fantastically”

“I think many people could enjoy it”

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What Lies Around Us is a sequel to:

etinytranspbookSecrets of the Italian Gardener
By Andrew Crofts

(Red Door Publishing) 

Mo, the wealthy dictator of a volatile Middle Eastern country, enlists a ghostwriter to tell his story to the world, enshrining him in history as a glorious ruler.  Inside Mo’s besieged palace the ghost forms a friendship with a wise and seemingly innocent Italian gardener who slowly reveals that the regime isn’t all it appears to be. The ghost discovers the shocking truth of who really holds the power and wealth in the world.

As a violent rebellion threatens all their lives, the ghost is also struggling to cope with a personal secret too painful to bear.

Secrets of the Italian Gardener takes the reader on a heart-pounding journey through the bloody downfall of a doomed tyrant in the company of a young couple struggling to cope with the greatest private tragedy imaginable. 

Andrew Crofts has spent much of his ghostwriting career amongst the dictators, politicians, arms dealers and billionaires who hold the reins of power and control the wealth of the world, stationed in their lavish palaces and heavily guarded compounds in the wildest parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East as well as in tax havens like Monaco, Geneva, Bermuda and the Caribbean.


Blog Tour Reviews

 “Such a clever and disturbing book …terrible sense of unease …makes the reader question every underlying principle in their life …I finished feeling completely disturbed … shocked and not a little naïve … totally mesmerising.”   –

“WOW. Left me reeling by the end …a beautifully crafted and clever story full of depth and intrigue …pacy and becomes surprisingly sinister … I loved the tense, uneasy feeling … Andrew Crofts is a genius story teller … an incredibly thought provoking story… YOU NEED TO READ IT!!!” 

“Unexpected shocking events had me wide awake for hours after …the journey it took me on was one I won’t forget.”   –

“Full of power and threat …Crofts’ magical storytelling ability.”             

“Totally Absorbing … fascinating, interesting and compelling.”   –

“An absorbing, well crafted novella.”  –

“Very moving and thought provoking …I feel like I’ve just read a true story … you are left gripped …a very emotive story that tugs at your heart and your own belief in humanity.” – Kraftireader

“Deeply insightful, often disturbing … that would leave me uneasy and uncomfortable throughout … extremely clever and well-written … a dark sense of foreboding and shadow … which really left me edgy and alert at all times … the story bursts from the pages and really grips you … unique and well worth reading.” – Booksofallkinds

 Wow! … what a kick ass, heart pounding novella … Andrew really does pack a punch … twists, turns and tragedy and I was hanging on the edge of my seat.” – hayley10reviews

 “A very powerful novel, and one that stayed with me long after I’d finished reading – probably my favourite piece of literary fiction I’ve read this year. A powerful and thought provoking book.” 
– Thebibliophilechronicles

“Not like anything I had ever read before and definitely took me out of my comfort zone … but I loved it … so many moments of unease with twists and turns throughout … I still have this sense of unease and shock …shocking, unexpected and enthralling. 145 pages of pure excitement.
– Onedaydreamaway


Reviews on Amazon.

“This is not a long book, but it is a classic piece of well-written, thoughtful and worthwhile fiction. Despite the lightness of touch some very serious issues are touched upon, and dealt with in a satisfying way. This is the sort of book that people who read a lot of books are happy to recommend. “

“… it has really left a deep and thoughtful impact. Andrew Crofts’ story is a beautiful look at what it is like having to view the world changing around you, both personally and globally, and having no real way to affect the outcomes in it. The characters are complex, the imagery of scenes vivid and beautiful, and it allows us to explore the ideas of who ,or what, is considered wrong and right. Will the choices of our past and present really represent how we are viewed in the future? Or can the carefully crafted words of a witness to a key moment in history change the outlook for the entire world? I feel my review may not accurately capture the jewel that this small story is, and I encourage anyone to read it and discover what the secrets are, both in the gardens and in your own life.”

“A philosophical yet unnerving look at power, tyranny and fear through the eyes of a ghostwriter and a worldly gardener who turns out to be anything but the man he appears.”

“Delightfully unexpected, this novella is an excellent read.”

“Robert Harris meets Paulo Coelho in a thoughtful, intelligent story”

“The story is quite fascinating and the thoughtful nature of the prose allows remarkable insight into the greed and corruption which lies at the heart of a fraudulent regime.”

“Coelho with cojones …”

“Secrets of the Italian Gardener is an original, well written story, and a thoroughly good read.”

“A fast-paced political thriller.”

“Packed with drama and political intrigue, the story draws you in from the first page.”

“…the characters are so carefully created and multi-layered, and the storyline so involving that we are led into contemplating the banality of evil and the complexity of the human psyche almost without realizing it. … Can Andrew Crofts write fiction? Yes he can.”

             – Vulpes Libris


“Write about what you know – good advice, which Andrew Crofts has wisely followed in this novella, whose narrator is, like the author, a leading ghostwriter ….A short book that manages to combine a story of personal tragedy with an intriguing glimpse behind the scenes of dictatorial power.”

                                  – Mail Online. Literary Fiction


“This fast-paced narrative will have you gripped from start to finish.”

                                  – The Lady


“Robert Harris meets Paulo Coelho in a thoughtful, intelligent story”

                                 – Words-in-Jam


“A contemporary re-casting of Ecclesiastes, this story is about the vanity associated with the desire for power and possessions and ultimately about the cycle of birth, growth, death and re-birth”

– Robert Kirby, United Agents

“One of the most compelling, intelligent and emotional books I have read in a long time …. It speaks volumes of the world we live in today and I can’t remember ever being this excited about a work”

–Wattpad  review 

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etinytranspbookPretty Little Packages

By Andrew Crofts

(Lume Books)

When a girl called Doris informs ghostwriter, Joe Tye, that someone has “stolen her beautiful new breasts” and asks for his help, he is plunged into the dark and dangerous worlds of people-trafficking and modern slavery.

At the same time as dealing with the amorous advances of the sixteen year-old daughter of a gangster, who also happens to be his client, and navigating his way through drug dens and backstreet clinics from Brighton to Manila, Joe is trying to be a responsible, newly-divorced father to a young son who constantly does the unexpected – and then things turn really ugly.

At the heart of everything sits Maisie, and her network of “Amazing Maids” – all called Doris and all having their breasts stolen. But behind Maisie lie much more powerful and sinister forces. People for whom other people’s lives are entirely expendable. People who do not want Joe telling stories.

Amazon Review

“Dark, suspenseful and incomparable – a remarkable story – an abundance of twists.”

Read First Chapter

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etinytranspbookThe Fabulous Dreams of Maggie de Beer

By Andrew Crofts

Fifteen year-old Maggie arrives in London on the run from her humdrum suburban life, determined to make it big in show business.

For more than thirty years she is exploited by both men and the media. She struggles against endless set-backs and disappointments, always remaining optimistic, always believing that this time her big break has come.  Then, when most of us would have given up all hope, the celebrity circus rockets her to bizarre and unexpected pinnacles of fame. 

Starting in 1970 Maggie de Beer’s journey mirrors the rise of celebrity culture and the growth of the media which ruthlessly created it, exploiting and destroying the lives of girls like Maggie who willingly offered themselves up, happy to make any amount of personal sacrifices in exchange for a chance to live the dream. She is determined to make herself “interesting” and only when she finally achieves her goal, at enormous personal cost, does she discover, under the full glare of the media spotlight, that the family she was running away from was never as humdrum as she had believed.

“This, I thought as the chauffeured car slid me back from Park Lane to Earls Court behind darkened windows, is what life must have been like for party girls like Christine Keeler in the sixties. I had found my Xanadu, the place where I was meant to be …

Order ebook from Smashwords

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It’s an amazing story about an incredible woman, and has a very moving ending.

The brilliance in this `show and tell all’ story is the character of Maggie, a strong and, in her way, courageous woman. She talks about `paying her dues’ in the business, working for years in various aspects of show business waiting for her big break. She capitalises on her sex appeal and has stints as a Benny Hill girl – for those of you who are too young to know who Benny Hill is, he was a comedian whose show featured a lot of buxom young woman showing a lot of skin – and roles in revues and pantomimes. When show biz is slow, she pays the rent by being an escort, one perfectly willing to provide extras.

Maggie’s story is of the seedier aspects of show business and she gives up a lot to keep the dream alive. Sometimes, I thought she was in the unfortunate position of the untalented thinking herself talented, but I always admired her single minded pursuit of her goals. She was one of the many in show business who just missed out on the better opportunities – like authors who almost get published – and had to take the lesser work or give up. But she didn’t give up as most in her situation do. Even as she grew older, she kept her faith that one day her time would come. As a reader, I wasn’t so sure, but I also realised that however it ended for Maggie this was still going to be a great story.

The end blew my mind because, not only was it totally unexpected, it was about much more than making it or not making it in show business. It was about an older woman discovering her place in the world, the real reasons for her family’s reclusive nature, and what is really important in life. This really is a `must read’. I give it 5 stars and a place in the Awesome Indies listing.

Five Star Amazon Review

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this read to anyone, whatever your reading habits: From the really gritty writing to the clever twists and turns, and the believable characteristation and highly entertaining wit. I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t enjoy a trip to the inner world of Maggie de Beer.

And by the end, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye and was even hoping there might be a follow up …

Words with Jam


etinytranspbookThe Overnight Fame of Steffi McBride
by Andrew Crofts
(Blake Publishing)

The story of a girl who becomes a soap star and national treasure overnight, only to discover from media revelations that nothing about her family life is as she imagined. 

Beautifully written, well paced and a real page turner’ sums this book up in cliches, but there is much more to say about it. Although the subject matter is very different, this book is as much a tale of our time as ‘A Kind of Loving’ is of the late 1950s. And in telling it in the first person, Crofts keeps you as close and as sympathetic to Steffi as Barstow does with Vic Brown. All the other characters are truly believable and the twists in the plot entirely credible. Crofts doesn’t mince his language, but the swearing is carefully placed and right in character. Don’t let the girly-pink cover put you off – this is a punchy story that will appeal to men and women alike.

Five Star Amazon Review

tinytranspbooksteffiEbookAlso available as an ebook

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First episode of Steffi television drama here 


tinytranspbookThe Princess and the Villain
by Norman Johnson & Andrew Crofts
(House of Stratus)
The fictionalised true story of a gangster who fell in love with a middle eastern princess he was hired to guard.

It is an astonishing story which will amaze its readers
– Michael Tinniswood, Liverpool Echo

Read the first chapter
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tinytranspbookCrocodile Shoes
by Jimmy Nail (ghosted)
(Simon & Schuster)
Novelisations of the hit TV series in two books published in 1996.

tinytranspbookThe Cruise
by Ken Follett, Maeve Binchy, Joanna Trollope, Susan Howatch et al
(Studio Editions)
Written by a dozen literary stars in aid of the Dyslexia Institute. Each author wrote one chapter of a story set on P&O’s liner, Oriana, and my task was to edit them into a smooth-flowing story.

tinytranspbookThe Java Man
by Sean Martin Blain (ghosted)
(Michael Joseph & Signet)
A detective thriller written in collaboration with an Irish corporal.

tinytranspbookThe Chameleon 

by Sean Martin Blain (ghosted)
A follow up to The Java Man.

Jumps straight into the top ranks of contemporary thriller writers – a highly unusual thriller and a marvelous read